The organization commenced its functioning with the purpose of strengthening the rudimentary unit at the grassroots through institutionalising people's groups, education and awareness, contextual initiatives, advocacy and locale specific non violent struggle. With time; the approach and functioning of the organization envolved, whereby focus areas such as disaster mitigation, WATSAN, agro and non-agro based livelihood, community, traditional reproductive health and empowerment of women and other socially excluded groups became the core thrust areas of the organisation.

GPSVS is registered Under Societies Registration Act-1860 (XXI) , FCRA-1976 & Income Tax exemption Under Sec. 12 A and 80 G

Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction actions , disaster resilience and Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation

. Community Capacity Building activities through Traditional mechanism of coping with floods

. Development of IEC materials on Disaster Preparedness and Entitlement Benefits for the affected people

.Emergent Relief & Rehabilitation Programme  for Flood and Earthquake victims

Promotion of water friendly and sand based cropsWomen and Children focused activities pre, during & post disaster

GPSVS has been working in Bihar for past 38 years , with specific focus on Madhubani district . However , since past decade the organization has expanded its functioning to Darbhanga , Muzaffarpur , Saran , Supaul and other districts of Bihar . 



Disaster Response & Mitigation 

 Formation and strengthening farmers group

. Promoting Organic Farming( vermin composing , organic pest management )

. Agro Forestry , social forestry

.Sustainable  livelihood programmes through Livestock Improvement and management

.Horticulture and Soil conservation and Agri Water Mgt.

.Crop intensification through System of Rice intensification specially for summer paddy ( SRI) & Sysytem of Wheat intensification

. Development of specific package of crops ( Specially Water and Sand Based / friendly crops)

Conservation of Medicinal plants & development of Home Herbal Garden

. Promoting for AYUSH Gram/ Herbal Gram

. Organising Rogopchar Shivir ( Remedial Camps) on AYUSH

. Documentation the Traditions of local Vaidyas , Herbs and tested home remedies, through NGOs/CBOs & AYUSH institutions

. Training , Exposure and other development capacity development actions for AYUSH doctor.


    Education & Awareness 

  • Strengthening of 430 Kasturwa Mahila Mandal ( Women’s Group / SHGs) 125 CBOs ( village Disaster Mitigation / Management Committee , Village Development Committee), 30 Farmer’s group , 10 Adolescent’s girl groups, 66 Community level Water Management Committee & Bhoodan Kisan Sangthan
  • Cluster & Federations of Women’s Group and Farmer Clubs
  • Village Peace Committee for maintaining social cohesion
  • Saving and Credit practices among the group for economic actions & Cooperatives
  • Income Generation / livelihood Activities for women’s farmers groups​
  • Training , orientation & study vists/ exposures to enhance group’s capability 

Promotion of Traditional Health System

  • RCH awareness in the community through Regular ANC_PNC service , Health camps and Health Fair
  • Organizing baby shows , Healthy mothers, Couple Communication and various health competition for better health practices , Family Planning means and consciousness
  • Adolescent’s girl health education through camps
  • Contraceptive counseling services & Prevalance
  • Training / orientation for core & field staffs, ASHA , TBAs/SBAs on Safe Motherhood , Nutrition & Family Planning
  • Awareness among youth , adolescents , women and migrant labours about HIV/ AIDS
  • Promoting Access to Care and Treatment through an established community care/ support centre for PLHIV in Saran district of Bihar.​
  • Information , Resources and Advocacy Centre on RH, HIV/AIDS and Gender at Muzaffarpur for North Bihar region.


                  Comprehensive Eye Service

Reproductive & Child Health including HIV/ AIDS Programme

SARL ( Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Livelihood )

Non- Formal Education Centres for children & adolescents girls

. Mass Literacy campaign for the members of CBOs and Women’s group

.Panchayat Raj Awareness Programme

. Social mobilization /awareness for National Programmes

. Padyatra for community awareness on different social and right based issues




  • Eye Care Awareness Camps at School and Community level.
  • Organizing Screening camps for Refraction, Cataract, Glaucoma for referral services at
  • Community Based Rehabilitation and integrated education Programmes  for physically impaired people.
  • Right based activities for children and aged people